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FOXWING Mesh Floor Saver

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Protect your living area with the brand-new Foxwing Mesh Floor Saver. It’s easy to set up and covers the entire area underneath your Foxwing 180° or 270° Awning. Each Mesh Floor Saver is cut to the correct size of your Awning and comes complete with its own carry bag and pegs.

Key Features

Mesh allows water, sand, and dirt to pass-through
Fits exact dimensions of your Foxwing Awning

Approx. Dimensions

180º Mesh Floor Saver
Packed: 61cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 16cm (H)
Weight: 3kg

270º Mesh Floor Saver
Packed: 61cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 18cm (H)
Weight: 4kg

Complete With
Pegs & Carry Bag