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OZTENT Stock Update 19/10/21

We were by now expecting to be re-stocked with some old Oztent favorites as well as a few exciting new products, unfortunately the Global Transportation Crisis has changed those expectations.

A container left Sydney, Aus on 01 September on a ship traveling via Singapore to the UK to
arrive approx 16 October. We anticipated a small delay in moving the container within the UK, but unfortunately it’s now been sitting in Singapore for over Four Weeks – something we hadn’t factored into the overall logistics. As of today the container has been unloaded in Singapore ready to be reloaded for what is hopefully it last leg of the journey to the UK, but again unfortunately we have no idea when the reloading will take place.
We're sure you’ll all get the equipment you’re waiting for, and we’ll let you know as soon as the container sets off again.