February Special - Camp in Comfort!

February Special - Camp in Comfort!

We are focusing on camp comfort in February and have designed a special Oztent Package to help you achieve this for less.

During February, you can purchase an Oztent RV3 with half price Oztent Goanna Stretchers ensuring you get a fantastic nights sleep no matter where you are!

Find the February Special here!

If you are lucky enough to already have an Oztent, there are plenty of other items that can make comfort a priority with ease; these are our top 5 picks!

The Oztent’s Redgum HotSpot™ Heated Sleeping Bag XL is the world’s first non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag. A revolution in comfort, warmth and reliability. We absolutely love this sleeping bag on cooler nights!  Feeling a bit cold, simply activate a HotSpot™ pouch and pop it in any of the 6 pockets and enjoy the warmth! Everyone’s sleeping needs are different, so if the Oztent Redgum Hotspot is not for you check out the full range here. 

The Oztent Stretcher has a range of three sizes and redefines comfort. Built atop a heavy-duty, cross-legged structure, the Oztent Stretcher is fully padded to deliver the highest degree of comfort. Setting up and packing down easily into a compact carry bag, this stretcher is big on comfort and low on storage size. The office is split on which size is best, so check out the full range here.

The Oztent King Kokoda Chair has maximum support as its design focus. This chair features lumbar support, strong construction, solid aluminium armrests and insulated drink holders. An all round exceptional camp chair. A firm favorite in the UK.

The Oztent Stratus Mattress is designed to give unprecedented sleep comfort and support. The Oztent AeroFrame foam core is precision designed for maximum sleep comfort, rapid inflation and compact storage. Available in two sizes, these have already proven popular since they arrived this year!

The Oztent Cirrus Pillow has a fast and sure design with cloud like comfort. Designed for wild weather and great camping adventures. Sleep better and enjoy the experience. The Oztent Cirrus Pillow utilises Hivtec™ soft touch fabric which is soft and luxurious on your skin and able to adapt to your contours for fantastic support whilst you sleep. This is a firm favorite with the team.