Camping in Hot Weather without Electricity!

The weather is glorious and meant to stay, well for the next few days at least.

We decided to brainstorm the best ways to stay cool in your OZTENT without electricity. 

Our best tips include:

  1. Pitch in the Shade.

Yes, we know this seems obvious but it’s still worth remembering, if you get a choice opt for the shade, you will appreciate it come bed time. 

Oztent set up in the shade of a forest.
  1. Use an OZTENT Fly Sheet.

The OZTENT Fly is Solar reflective and zips to the tent above the awning and provides extra cover over the sleeping area of the tent. The Solar reflective coating help regulate the internal temperature. The OZTENT Fly can be found here.

Looking at an Oztent from the back with the Fly Sheet on.
  1. Vents & Windows

 Open all of these to allow the air to flow. There is no need to worry about any bugs as the 65g No-See-Um Mesh on the OZTENT will keep your tent bug free! 

  1. Rear Window.

The Large Rear Window on your OZTENT can be pegged out to enable the air to flow and for you to keep your privacy on busy sites.

However, if your more remote or not overlooked, this window can be completely rolled up and the air can flow more freely. Protected again by 65g No-See-Um Mesh the bugs will not get through. 

  1. Change the Front Awning Angle.

Either from above the main door or from the middle poles (depending on your set up), you could increase the angle that the awning drops by lowering the front poles. This could potentially increase the amount of shade underneath the awning. 

  1. Breeze

Face your tent towards the breeze, increasing the air flow. 

  1. Sleep on an OZTENT Stretcher

Sleeping off the ground in one of our OZTENT Stretchers will allow the air to circulate below your bed as well as above it. Helping to keep you cooler on a night. OZTENT Stretchers are available here.

Oztent Stretcher and Bag
  1. Sleeping Gear

Make sure the bedding you use is suitable for warmer conditions by checking the temperature guides for your sleeping bags. Bags geared for colder temperatures may not be suitable for the warmer nights. 

  1. Breathable Clothes

Wearing the right clothes is essential for staying cooler! Light weight and light colours are good starting places. Being made of Fabrics' which can breathe and release heat (for example cotton) are also fantastic qualities for clothing when camping in hot weather.